Welcome to the site. I’m so glad you’re here… 

The purpose of life is expansion of happiness. Early on, my father always reminded me, “have fun”. Whether heading out to apply for a job or take a final exam, just as the door was about to close behind me on my way out, he’d call out, “Just have fun.” Years later, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of TM®, said “Life is bliss” and as a TM® teacher in the 1970s, I believed him. 

But when I look around the world, it seems a lot of people are not having fun; they’re not as happy as they could be. Seeing this, and knowing from experience what was taught to me, it’s been my lifelong goal to help others enjoy their life to the fullest. As a healer, author and developer, I spent more than 40 years searching for a simple, effective and profound ways to help others achieve that goal—something anyone could do regardless of who they are and what experiences they’ve had. Something they could do effortlessly and easily to turn their life from sadness, or struggle, or frustration, (or anxiety or whatever) to peace, fulfillment, joy, health, prosperity-- whatever it was they wanted. That’s what led me here.  

For much of this journey, I leaned on the understandings I learned as a meditation teacher. Understanding these principles, I studied more — everything from quantum physics to biology to consciousness to unified field theory. No matter where I searched, my goal was always the same: to fix the everyday problems and frustrations that plague almost all of us. At the same time, global struggles (fear, war, starvation, disease) loomed in front of me; without solving these problems, it seemed impossible to end individual struggles. 

Yet I believed and still do that there are simple, easy solutions that can end these problems quickly and effortlessly. So what did I find? Lots. And in the end, it all boiled down to one critical discovery: that underlying any problem big (global) or small (broken fingernail) there is an energy pattern – signature, if you will – that creates the situation in the first place. Each person has one, as do countries and regions. We call them Personal Energy Signatures® (PES®). And with that discovery, simple, effortless solutions in the form of quantum energy (PES®) Enhancers was born.

Now suddenly, epic global issues and annoying everyday frustrations can be resolved very simply, using quantum energy – PES® Enhancers™. Since this discovery, we’ve infused these enhancers into over 500 unique silent and nature MP3s, videos, art and photography as well as powerful tinctures, cards, and so much more. Taken together or individually (depending on your need/ wants and desires, these can impact every person’s Personal Energy Signature® – and therefore life! And it turns out, just as fresh air is good for everyone and clean water is good for every plant, there are some powerful PES® Enhancers that are good for everybody! So we’ve also developed systems to heal and fix entire regions and cities — and even countries – simply, cost-effectively, and easily.  

That’s right, using these powerful, fundamental energies to enhance or limit, we can now effortlessly change the world in a positive, life-supporting way without getting into philosophy or ideologies or politics. Crime can be reduced, crops can increase, harmony can be established, health can improve. Who doesn’t want that? Now, finally, based on what you want – your own desires and intentions – you can pick and choose the qualities of life you want more of or less of by selecting PES® Enhancers™ that take care of them.

And when you take control and focus on shifting and correcting your signature, you get to actually construct the life you want from this point forward. Almost iImmediately you’ll can start slowing down and getting rid of things you don’t want —such as sickness or money problems — and start attracting rich experiences you do want – health, love, happiness, joy. You get to be in charge. Instead of reacting to the world you get to start living the life you want.  

I spent 40 years developing programs and products so you can take control of your life and move in the direction you want. Please take advantage of them. Many of our programs are free or under $10. Try a few. Let us know what you notice, what you experience. I look forward to hearing about your positive life changes and your suggestions for how we can improve our products, programs, and how we can help you more.  

It’s your life. Why not take control of it now?