Everyone has a Personal Energy Signature®. Enhance yours to enhance your life experience now

What IS a Personal Energy Signature®? And what are Enhancers™? 

Everything you experience in your life—literally everything that happens day in and day out—is based on your Personal Energy Signature® (PES). That “signature” dictates every aspect of your life, from how you walk, talk and present yourself to how you engage with the world around you to, simply, how things find their way to you. Ultimately, your power comes from your Personal Energy Signature®—and that in and of itself is powerful.  

Then there are the Personal Energy Signature® Enhancers™. Think of them this way: if you’re experiencing too much of something that isn’t positive, you can turn things around around with PES® Enhancers™— significantly reduce pain, suffering, anxiety, self-doubt, and more.  

Likewise, if you don't have enough of something you want—money, success, love, peace, harmony—these Enhancers can help increase your abundance and help you live a better life. PES® Enhancers™ work by adjusting your signature at the deepest levels—without you even being conscious of the shifts. 

Do I really have a Personal Energy Signature®? I don’t “feel” it… 

Yes! It’s the vibrations that create you, in the same way all the notes played by all the different instruments make up a symphony. PES® is a quantum physics thing—you don't have to fully understand– thankfully. If you get the basics, you can use our Enhancers to create the life you want—or at least start moving in that direction. Most people never realize they have a Personal Energy Signature®—but those who do can reap incredible, lifelong benefits. While you can’t necessarily “feel” it in the traditional sense, your Personal Energy Signature® is present every day, in every way—again, think of it like your DNA for how you view and interact with the world—it’s how your friends and family can tell it’s you by the way you walk or stand, even from far away And, as a result, your signature dictates how things come to you and what your life is like now.  

Unlike your DNA, you can tweak your Personal Energy Signature® to create a better life and have more. 

What about KARMA? 

Those who believe in karma believe that their present experiences are determined by past actions. That said, believers would never say, “it’s just my karma, and there’s nothing I can do about it…” Instead, they embrace that whatever they do with their life here and now has an overriding effect on what comes next. A good example? Let’s say you trip and fall. Maybe it’s karma—but is it a trauma? 

An embarrassment? A silly moment, even? What you do now is more important than what happens and that, ultimately, determines your response and what follows.  

Layer in Personal Energy Signatures® and the story continues to evolve. The seeds of your karma are stored in your Personal Energy Signature®—think of it as an address label on a package. Your signature tells the package where it needs to go and who it needs to go to—to YOU—as well as when to deliver it. It’s all right there.  

Because PES® Enhancers™ work at the quantum level, they have the power to shift that label. Maybe a “typo” pops up on the label and it gets delivered elsewhere. Or maybe you really want that package and your enhancers help fill the box higher and higher, then deliver it to you early. It’s simple but powerful. And it’s a continuous loop between karma and your Personal Energy Signature®, creating compelling life experiences today and tomorrow. 

Why would I want to amplify/improve my Personal Energy Signature®?

You may not, if you are truly happy in every area of your life, stop reading now and go play. But if there is some area of your life you'd like to shift, to improve in one way or another, our PES® Enhancers™ are just about the simplest way to go. Those who focus on enhancing their Personal Energy Signature® have an unparalleled opportunity to impact their lives and those around them in a very positive, very tangible way. By taking simple steps to shift your signature, you’ll elevate and enhance your own experiences, quickly generating more positivity, more love, more wealth and more good. And, as we’ve seen over and over again, there’s always a need for more of those in life! 

How do Personal Energy Signature® Enhancers™ work? 

They work effortlessly to change the energy, the vibrations in and around you to reflect the changes you wish to make. Like tuning forks. Did you know that if you have 2 tuning forks that are the same and strike 1 to make it vibrate, you can hold it close to the 2nd one and it will start vibrating too - even though nothing touched it. PES® Enhancers™ work the same way: if you use the right PES® Enhancer™ and you already have the "notes" inside you, you'll start resonating that influence. Maybe yours got broken or buried somewhere along the way - this is how you fix it. 

What if you don't have a particular vibration within you? Then our PES® Enhancer™ "surrounds" you with the feature you want so it's like you have it.

Look, the food may be great, but to make it even better you may choose to add spices: mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper, etc. Think of our PES® Enhancers™ like spices for your personal life.

David’s PES® Enhancers™ are designed to feed your spirit and your signature, helping you achieve everything you crave in this life. These 500+ programs are infused with frequencies that aren’t distinct/obvious/evident to our conscious minds, but that work to “right the course” and improve your PES® almost immediately, getting more significant over time. Think of these programs as speaking to your inner core—you won’t be aware of the changes happening inside of you but, soon enough, things will look, feel and be different because you’ll have effortlessly shifted and enhanced your signature from within. 

What do I have to do?

Integrating PES® Enhancers™ into your life and your experiences is very, very simple. Start with David’s FREE program, available as a silent loop or nature sounds. Let it play on loop daily for the best possible results. With silent options, these enhancers can be used anytime, anywhere, helping improve not just your Personal Energy Signature®, but the energy and experience of everyone around you. This is a popular choice especially for people dealing with workplace issues. 


Is it expensive?

David offers a FREE energy enhancer to help new clients/users get started. Click above to download.  

Some of our most powerful downloads are free forever. These are the basic, most fundamental enhancers we recommend to everyone. For many, these will be the only programs they ever need.  

But for people who want even more out of life, David offers a range of affordable PES® Enhancers™, plus some high-end options as well. Our goal, though, is to ensure no one feels left out. Everyone can take advantage of the free enhancers without any investment, and make great headway towards a better life for themselves and those around them. 

When will I start seeing results?

Depending on your program, your goals and your current state, it’s not uncommon to see results in minutes. For more extensive, long-term goals, it may take longer to realize the full benefits. Focus on integrating your audio or video program daily for the best, fastest results. 

"My wife was really angry - I played this on my phone and within five minutes she completely calmed down." — R.C., California

What are the real benefits of using Personal Energy Signature® Enhancers™?

PES® Enhancers™ can be tailored based on your immediate needs and life goals. David offers personal energy enhancers for a variety of areas from love and peace to wealth and achievement to harmony, anxiety, aggression and stress. Whatever you desire, you’ll discover a PES® Enhancer™ to help guide your path.

“The moment I turned it on, I felt so much peace and serenity come over me, I cannot describe the feeling in words. For the first time, in a long time, I feel supported by the Divine.”—P.A., United Arab Emirates / Australia

Each audio and video experience is a unique opportunity to discover true harmony, health and happiness, and remove or dissolve anger, self-doubt, anxiety.

 Start now and immediately begin your journey to self-awareness and action—and to reap the benefits every step of the way.

“I felt surrounded by love which was beautiful. The energy of protection felt like it was in the middle of the love energy. It feels like a personal harmonizer. Just wanted to share both the mental thoughts and my heart thoughts.” — S.T., USA .