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Powerful Life-Altering 1-on-1 Programs for Maximum Progress:
David Adelson's Ascending to Higher States of Consciousness Now
Breakthrough Program
Personal Clearing/Healing/Guidance Consultations with David Adelson
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Higher States of Consciousness with Divine Mother for Guidance, Clearing, Healing, Wisdom
David Adelson Personal Clearing/Healing/Guidance Sessions 3 for 2 Special
Personally I have never felt such a powerful energy, almost 3 hours later and I am still floating with waves of cleansing energy. It started with brilliant colors, in this 
“Yesterday with David on the phone was the most certain I’ve felt about achieving my goals, realizing my dreams & living a life of profound gratitude.”
             – R.N., California
Regular $250/hr
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David Adelson's Spiritual Divine Gifts
David Adelson's Divine Frequencies from the Highest Divine Realms
David Adelson, spiritual Divine Healer

— David Adelson, Divine Healer,
 teacher, developer, author

"Spiritual genius", "beyond brilliant", "humble and joyous"

My job has been to bring the blessings of the higher frequencies, higher energies—Divine Frequencies— to earth from the highest Divine Realms.

"Divine Frequencies from the highest Divine Realms"

David Adelson's Spiritual Divine Gifts
All our products/services are Divine-- they create, activate and stabilize the highest Divine Frequencies directly in you. Whether personal Guidance and Clearing/Healing, art, photography, DVD and CD programs, our Divine courses, etc.— they are "Divine Frequencies from the highest Divine Realm" created from my direct Divine Connection and Guidance. They combine the subtlest, deepest, most profound levels of creation integrated with the underlying Wholeness and Unity of God.  Sounds heavy, huh? When our family was going through a significant health crisis, Lord Shiva, Lord Narayana, Guru Dev (Master of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), Mother Mary, Lord Christ and Mahalakshmi, Quan Yin and many other Divine Beings showed up in my life, walking down the hall into my bedroom, giving gifts as I arose from meditation, sitting suddenly beside me while driving through a winter storm.

All my life, God had been directing; as a kid I remember playing with a bow and arrow in the street while Divine Mother — really huge — sat on the roof of our house protecting me (I would have hurt myself otherwise). Age 6, after my more...

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Disclaimer: You are your own responsibility; the choice to use these products, courses, or services is up to your own discretion. I, David Adelson, am not a doctor, lawyer, legally 15 feet tall, or able to leap tall bushes in a single bound. But I can see frequencies, read your akashic records, connect you to the Divine Mother, give you insights and more. Read the rest here...

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